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Guest Book
Fumiko Otterbein
Posted By : , On الاثنين, 20 يونيو 2011 email e-Mail : jessikaea@aol.com
Excellent webpage sincerely, Phebe Najjar
Donnetta Ramey
Posted By : , On السبت, 18 يونيو 2011 email e-Mail : jessikaea@aol.com
Amazing web-site yours faithfully Shaquita Huereca
thank you for your comments
Posted By : khalid massou , On الجمعة, 10 يونيو 2011 email e-Mail : inadtheater@hotmail.com
Dear friends i would like to thank you very much for your comments.your feed back and your evaluation is really important for us.
just orthodox school...
Posted By : hya , On الأحد, 13 فبراير 2011 email e-Mail : dodo_kadi@hotmail.com

Smilea7la bnat el orthodox walla mnwreen

orthodox school 4 ever wly mesh 3agboh... hhhhhhhhhhhhh



Posted By : amo0on , On الخميس, 13 يناير 2011 email e-Mail : modyamlove123006@hotmail.com

hii mawqe3 kter 7lo btmnalkom el tawfe2 o enshalla btstamro fe sh3'lkom l2no kter 7lo o mutqan mn kol el nawa7e  wish u all the best

Hi there people !
Posted By : there , On الأحد, 14 نوفمبر 2010 email e-Mail : 8@akb007.com [url=

Fantastic webpage. I didn't noticed www.inadtheater.net before in any of my searches! Marvelous efforts! I’m brand new here and I’m sorry if this is the wrong place for this post. Y'all rock! 

Hey =)
Posted By : Ehab Isaac , On الثلاثاء, 04 مايو 2010 email e-Mail : usalove94@live.com i have no url yet sorry.

Hey, what a cool website, listen i wonder if i can join this program or this school, i really wanna and lookin forward to learn the Drama and how to act like real actors in hollywood, and other famous places. I wish u can add my email, i attached it with the info boxes i guess u can see my email.. well add me on it! I wanna talk to you.


Best Wishes,


Ehab Isaac

Posted By : leila , On السبت, 27 فبراير 2010 email e-Mail : leila_happy_09@live.fr
عن جد الموقع كتيييييييييييييييييييير حلو زي صاحبو تسلم ايدك يا عبقري
great job!
Posted By : Doa'a , On الجمعة, 26 فبراير 2010 email e-Mail : doaa-nassar@hotmail.com

the website is really interesting and i want to say that it was really great meeting you mr. khaled in sharjah last night.. i even told my friends that i actually met a star!!  the play cell 603 was really worth watching..  great show and good luck all the way!


Posted By : Sliman , On السبت, 26 ديسمبر 2009 email e-Mail : s@hotmail.com

NIce web

شكر خاص
Posted By : firas kabar , On الجمعة, 25 ديسمبر 2009 email e-Mail : faras_king-1995@hotmail.com

حلو اكتير جد يعطيكو العافية :؛:؛:؛............    

و بحب اهنيكو على جهودكوا في المسرح لانو المسرحيات اكتير حلوة



شكر على جهودكم الرائعة
Posted By : Mais , On الأحد, 20 ديسمبر 2009 email e-Mail : bent_falsteen1990@hotmail.com

 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

حابة اشكركم على جهودكم الرائعة في المسرح

واتمنالكم التوفيق دوما ان شاء الله

وبالنسبة للديزاين روووعة بجد ومرتب من الاخر

مع تمنياتي لكم بالنجاح و التقدم

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